Work with experienced litigators through all phases of summary process (eviction) and plaintiff side affirmative cases, including cases lack of heat, broken pipes, utility shut offs, lock outs and other bad conditions that the landlord refuses to fix. From initial demand letters and fact finding through settlements and final verdicts let our experience inform your decisions.

If your landlord has not returned your security deposit please call for a free conversation where we can discuss your options and how you could get the security deposit back.

From a recent Superior Court Order in a case Ed Rice worked on with Attorney Saccardi and Josh Gardner to recover $100 security deposits for a class of tenants living in one landlord’s buildings.

“Having obtained a $25,000 settlement on behalf of a class of residential tenants seeking a return of their security deposits, Plaintiffs’ counsel are entitled to recover reasonable attorneys’ fees and costs under G.L. c. 93A, § 9(4), and G.L. c. 186, § 15B(2)(a). Defendants cannot avoid liability for attorney’s fees in this class action on the ground that they tried to resolve the first named plaintiffs personal claim by returning his $100 deposit. That attempt to “pick off’ the named plaintiff did not moot the proposed class action. For the reasons discussed below, the Court concludes that plaintiffs’ counsel are entitled to recover $60,000 in reasonable attorneys’ fees (rather than the $88,818.76 sought by plaintiffs’ counsel) plus $3,598.80 in reasonable expenses.”


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